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Trouble at Sea: 90 per cent of UK shoppers are worried about state of the oceans

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Trouble at Sea: 90 per cent of UK shoppers are worried about state of the oceans

Marine Stewardship Council survey reveals more people than ever are recognising that their food choices can affect the future of the oceans

Seven out of 10 UK consumers believe their choices can make a difference to the state of the oceans, according to a global research study released by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) today.

The independent survey of attitudes to seafood and ocean health was carried out by GlobeScan in 23 countries, involving 25,000 people. It is the largest poll of its kind to date and was commissioned to coincide with World Ocean Day, alongside the release a series of short films on sustainable fishing, showingcasing the innovations undertaken by fisheries to help safeguard the ocean.

The research highlighted that more than nine in 10 UK shoppers are worried about the state of the oceans. Moreover, 77 per cent of people from the UK surveyed believe people should eat seafood from sustainable sources, an increase of five percentage points from two years ago.

“There is deep concern about the future of the oceans, but the clear message from this global survey is that more people than ever are recognising that their choices can help change that,” said Rupert Howes, chief executive of MSC. “It is essential that we act now to safeguard the ocean’s biodiversity, food supplies and the livelihoods that depend upon them. Consumers and markets are a powerful force for change, rewarding fishers who are fishing our oceans sustainably. However, given the scale of the challenge, it is essential that governments play their part, to ensure that fisheries around the world are managed sustainably.”

The survey found that two in five UK seafood consumers are willing to buy more sustainable seafood, with one in five saying they have already made this change in the last year.

Globally, the top reasons for protecting the oceans were that healthy oceans are necessary for the future health of the planet and to prevent ocean habitat from going extinct, while 51 per cent said they wanted their children and grandchildren to have healthy oceans.


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