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Iberia launches uniform-recycling project – Business Traveller

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The airline says that on average, Iberia’s members of staff each owning fourteen items of clothing and accessories, which represents more than 50 tons of textile products to be collected and recycled.

The first two tons collected of garments have already been and classified, so that they can be donated or transformed into other materials.

The 20 per cent of garments that cannot be reused will be recycled into other materials, and those that are discarded will be used for energy recovery as fuel.

The Iberia airports business, Iberia Airport Services, is also carrying out an initiative to recycle its red polo shirts, which, being made entirely of cotton, can be completely recycled. The thread will be used at local and inclusion workshops to make new polo shirts for the same Iberia Airport staff.

The airline says that reusing textiles contributes to the fight against climate change as every kilogram of clothing that is repurposed, 6.1kg of CO2 emissions are cut, according to a study by the Humana People to People Foundation.

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