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guided sales experience

Have you ever landed on a website and there are so many products and options, you’re quickly overwhelmed.

Therefore, especially if you sell online, the more you can craft a “guided” sales experience, the better your sales conversion rate will be.

To do this, you have to think about HOW Your customers search for your type of products, and then guide them accordingly.

For example, most dog owners search for products by gender and/or size, sometimes even breed. So organize your store that way instead of just by product category. ie Dog Collars for Large Dogs, Dog Tags for Girl Dogs. Even multiple criteria narrows it down more for the customer ie Dog Collars for Small Girl Dogs.

In most book stores, books are sorted by Mystery, Suspense, History, etc., but people actually search more niche things like, “books with strong female leads”, “books with plot twists”, “books with civic issues”so this might be a better way to guide them to the book they really want, and increase the chance of making a sale.

Therefore, do your research on how people are searching for your products or services, and that might be a better way to restructure how your business is laid out both online and in-store, and improve your sales conversion.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed as a small business owner, let’s create an action plan to save you valuable time and money by focusing on what you really need to do.

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