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EU Draws up ‘Contingency Plan’ to Protect Transport in Next Crisis

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The European Commission has drawn up a “contingency plan” for transport to help pandemic deal with future crises following the Covid-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The commission said that the plan “draws lessons” from the pandemic and looks to improve the “resilience” of transport services across the EU for the next crisis.

Transport commissioner Adina Valean said: “These challenging and difficult times remind us of the importance of our EU transport sector and the need to work on our preparedness and resilience.

“This is why we need to be ready. Today’s contingency plan, notably based on lessons learned and initiatives taken during the Covid-19 pandemic, creates a strong framework for a crisis-proof and resilient EU transport sector.”

The plan proposes a “toolbox” of 10 actions to guide the EU and its member states when introducing emergency crisis-response measures.

These include making EU transport laws “fit” for crisis situations, ensuring there is adequate support for the sector, maintaining “minimum” connectivity and passenger protection, sharing transport information, creating more co-operation and co-ordination, and testing transport contingency measures .

The commission added that the contingency plans for transport were designed to be “proportionate, transparent and non-discriminatory” and allow the EU’s single market to continue operating “as it should.”

“The commission will support member states and steer the process of building crisis preparedness in co-operation with the EU agencies, by co-ordinating the Network of National Transport Contact Points and maintaining regular discussions with international partners and stakeholders,” added the commission.

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