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4 Marketing Ideas for National Small Business Week

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marketing ideas national small business week

National Small Business Week 2022 is May 1st to May 7th. Here are 4 easy ways to maximize this opportunity:

  • Immediately send out pitches to your local media (newspaper, blogs, radio, local tv) about being included in any editorial they are doing for the week. You need to pitch one major feature (ie female or minority run business) or accomplishment (ie six figure sales in first year) about your business.
  • Every day during small business week, every hour on the hour, if possible, tweet a #shoutout to another local but non-competitive small business. They will likely return the favor or at least share the tweet, giving you exposure to their followers (be sure to thank and share anyone who does the same for you).
  • Email customers a special offer that if they give you a shoutout on social media anytime during small business week, such as a free gift or 10 entries into a giveaway. Make sure you give them a #hashtag to use so you can track it.
  • Get together with several other local small businesses and create a flyer with all of your businesses on it, hand it out at your particular places of business, leave in mailboxes, and post other places around town. You could also do this online, adding a “blog roll” of small businesses to your website and social media accounts, and ask the other businesses to do the same, just for the week.

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